To change the perception about the old age and bring about a shift from pity and helplessness to self- confidence and dignity for older person and orphanage people, SHARADAMBA TRUST is committed to reassure, assist and be there for older people always in all ways. This is our passion not only the profession,”

Dr. Yashodha R.P a social worker, vision to set up an orphanage. She originally started thinking that to serve the society by the way of serving Old age and orphanage in 2013.  Later she started building an eligible team who are having service oriented mind by soul.

Sharadamba Trust; Old age and Orphanage Home is a non-profit organization that has started in TUMKUR. It began with the goal of showing care and affection to the Old age people who were orphans and who suffering by missing their loved ones at their ending days of their life. It all started when Dr. Yashodha R.P took a group of people in TUMKUR for a few weeks. They were shocked by the living conditions of the people, especially the Old age persons who were suffered by missing their same children and other relatives. This experience made a profound and lasting impact on their lives. They came back with a determination to do something in order to ensure that the people have the decent lives that they deserve. The group came together with Dr. Yashodha R.P; they prayed together, and began dreaming together, of establishing a facility in TUMKUR, which would take in Old age and orphanage people from the society. They would care for them, showing them real affection and love them and thus help them have a happiest future.

How wonderful it is to realize that with a little help and a few sacrifices, we can make a huge difference and positive impact in the life of someone who otherwise would never have a chance in life. We have a dedicated and generous team of Board members who meet every month to review and discuss the progress of the project and make decisions.. We hope and pray that more and more people of good will may come forward to become part of this noble cause and together we can make a difference in the society.