Medical assistance for the residents is been given as per the prescription of the expert doctors, and each and every time Nurse only will give their medicines respectively for the persons who are required.


Hygienic and good food is providing for all the persons of ashrama, every day by 6.30am coffee/tea/milk and at 8.30am different types of breakfast will be provided , 1.00pm is lunch and at 4.30 pm tea and snacks are provided, finally at 8.30 pm good dinner is been provided; also fruits are given to all of them.

As we have rented fully sophisticated big bunglow kind of a home for ashrama, there is sufficient space peaceful place is available for the residents, good light, water and other things are available in the home.  There are 9 rooms, one big hall, balcony, big kitchen room, 5 bathrooms and toilets are also available.  Thus, the residents are happy by using these facilities.


Henceforth workshop’s to be conducted


Expert yoga couch is appointed for teaching the yoga to the residents, and daily two times about 1hour each the classes are conducting .


There about 4 persons supporting to learn and involve in prayer/bhajan every day.  All the residents are involving in this program every day, this helps program helps us to keep the residents peace and happy.


Indoor sports facilities like, shuttle badminton, carom board, chess, ball, ring and other sports are facilitated for the residents, many of the members are involved in this and getting the benefits.


All the residents are taking out for temples, church every week, once in 3 months the one day picnic is arranged for them to keep them happy and for their mind refreshments.