Volunteers will visit to support and serve the residents; many pupil will come on their birthday’s, anniversaries’ and other occasions, during their visits usually they will contribute special food, cakes, chocolates, fruits and other eatables.  This will bring the smile and happy on the residents mind.

Life as a volunteer

We are always looking for dedicated and compassionate people to help us fulfill our Mission. When you work with us you will not only expand your skills but contribute to changing the lives of Old age and Orphanage all over the country. If you are interested in one or more roles please list them on the Volunteer Application so we can find the perfect fit for you!

Please check any of the boxes below that you may be interested in volunteering for. You will be contacted and receive further information based on your selection to help you find the right fit. We rely on you, our volunteers, and want and honor your value to our organization and unique way you may choose to give.

  • Old age Mentor
  • Orphanage Outreach Coordinator
  • Parent Support/Mentor
  • Event Volunteer
  • Grant Writing/Fundraising Volunteer
  • Media/Social Media Volunteer
  • Administrative Support/Submit Volunteer
  • Adoption Agency Support Volunteer
  • Family Support Group Volunteer
  • Writer, Newsletter, Outreach Volunteer
  • Matching Assistance Volunteer
  • Photographer/Videographer
  • Family Finding Volunteer
  • Undecided Volunteer

            ‘Support needed for Aashram’

  • We request your support for daily home needs like Milk, Vegetables, Grocery’s and etc.,
  • We request your support for getting Clothes for Aashrarma residents
  • For the persons who are patients we request your support to get needed medicines and other medical care services.
  • We request your financial support for getting the technical training (Tailoring, Candle Making, Designing, and other self-employment training classes) for Aashrama residents.